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Welcome to Mystic Moon

Mystic MoonMystic Moon is a Rochester-based metaphysical shop providing products and services for personal and spiritual development.

Owner Julianne has committed her life to helping others make sense of the paths before them and guiding their own spiritual evolution.

Psychics See Boom in Tough Economy
Reported by: Matt Molloy

JulianneJulie is a psychic medium with more than 40 years of experience. In this recession she says clients are more focused on finances than anything else. “I give people the faith in knowing that this is going to be very short term. That this isn’t something you need to go into a major panic,” said.
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Have You Lived Before?

Dr. Brian Weiss talks about his experience clearing past lives on  OprahRemembering your past could be the key to healing you right now. Dr. Weiss explores past-life regressions with Oprah.

Dr. Weiss says hypnosis helps people access their past lives by focusing patients' concentration while their bodies are relaxed. Learn more

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