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115 Park Avenue • Rochester, NY 14607 tel: 585-461-3111, email: Mystic Moon
Open Monday thru Friday, 11 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM





Classes are held September - May and are held at Mystic Moon on Park.

Developing Your Intuition
This series is ongoing and structured to enable you to join at any time.

Week 1- The Basics
Learn the basics about intuition, and how to tune into your spiritual guidance using high vibrational energies. You will learn what “type” of psychic you are, how to clear your energy, and how to naturally connect to your intuition.

Week 2- Making a Connection
Work with Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Beings to enhance your intuitive connection. You will explore your “intuitive template” and work with “higher energy realms” to create a connection and stream of communication.

Week 3- Tools of Divination
Discover the ways to connect even more deeply to source through exploring dowsing, automatic writing, card reading, astrology, and much more. Find out which you connect best with and what works for you.

Week 4- Psychometry & Energy Reading
Explore the art of Psychometry; the ability to connect to objects of unknown history through touch. You will also use “hands on” methods to explore and read people’s energies.

Week 5- Auras, Empaths, & Medical Intuitives
Learn how to see and work with auras and manipulate your own. You will work on empathic reading and medical intuition. This class is all about “feelings”.

Week 6- Mediumship & Channeling
Connect to spirit and “divine” messages from the “higher energy realms”. You will discover your natural abilities and learn that everyone can make this connection.

Week 7- Psychic Fair Night
This class is for people who have attended at least three of the Developing Your Intuition Classes and are ready to practice their skills. Bring your tools; you will connect to source and work with classmates. Everyone will have the opportunity to have a reading and to read others. It’s Party Time!

HELD: Tuesdays, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. 
FEE: $20 weekly, payable at time of class


Mediumship Skills

These classes are for those of you who have completed the Developing Your Intuition series and wish to continue to develop their skills. Classes will differ each week and involve a variety of metaphysical topics and hand on skills geared toward mediumship skills and opening all psychic gateways.

INSTRUCTOR: Julianne Baliva
HELD: Mondays, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
FEE: $20, payable at time of class


Secrets of the Tarot

The MoonTarot is a mystical and magical system of divination used for self understanding, mastery of life lessons, and predicting the future. The Cards are pictures that contain symbolic knowledge that a trained student can see, understand, and interpret.
In this class you do not memorize card meanings. You will learn all about the symbols on the cards, what to look at on the cards and guide you to intuitively feel their meanings and messages. The wisdom of the cards is inside you. Allow Julianne to share with you their secrets and wisdom. Take a Class or Book a Reading



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